Friday, 1 April 2011

New drawings on the dream page

Last year, Dr. Jacquie Lewis of the Saybrook Institute asked me if I had a drawing in my dream journal from a certain dream she wanted to discuss in a conference. The dream in question pre-dated my journal, so there was no drawing. However, I wanted to help her out.

My policy has always been to make drawings in the journal based on that night's dreams, and to not use the dream journals for any other kind of drawing. I didn't want stray doodles to distract me years later, trying to figure out which dream they referred to. I also wanted to maintain the integrity of drawings that could later be used to verify precognitive dreams. This means that once they were drawn in the journal, I did not go back to them. For verification purposes however, I have cleaned up journal drawings and sent the cleaned up version by FAX to people for verification. This was an acceptable compromise because the FAX dated the drawing as it was sent and it was sent for verification, so there is no question of it being made post-verification.

Dr. Lewis' request was for a dream that is connected to a group of 9/11 related dreams. It was highly symbolic though, as opposed to literal, so I decided to make a watercolor of it and then write in the corner that it was made in 2010, 20 years after the original dream. The sketch came out so nicely that I decided to do more but only from the dreams that haven't been verified yet or dreams that have strong spiritual content.

The sketches I've made so far are just drawings. None are what I would call finished illustrations, but they are much cleaner than many of the drawings in the journal. If you want to see what they look like, please visit my site here.


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