Sunday, 20 March 2011

The value of disagreements

Here is an old dream from 2010:
October 24, 2010

> I see all the things of the universe woven together in a huge spiral funnel shape. Each item emanates or projects knowledge of God; even those that deny God do this, for that is how they are built. In this way, the information is projected everywhere, without exception.

All of the people and things in this dream contribute to the final product, which is understanding of God and other spiritual matters. All the skeptics and all the believers, all the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Mormons, atheists and even Scientologists, everyone contributed somehow to the overall goal which was to discover and describe God.

This may not make sense at first, because there are so many mistakes, misunderstandings, and contrary mutually exclusive positions out there, but it actually did make sense. A person like the atheist Richard Dawkins, everyone really, no matter who they are, somehow brings people closer to God even when they are trying to accomplish the opposite. The reason is that their strenuous efforts to contest the existence of a spiritual reality that includes God invariably draws attention to the idea of God and spirituality. By raising a topic that might otherwise not have been raised, it can be considered by others who may not have thought of it themselves. At death, as anyone with knowledge of an NDE is aware, the Dawkinses of the world will finally have their empirical evidence of the afterlife, and in the meantime, they will have people thinking about the subject.

More than that, for some people it is clear that Dawkins, James Randi, a so-called "psi-debunker" or scientist Richard Wiseman either know little about their subject or obfuscate the truth when they do. This is an indication that the opposite of their positions are true. Some people may be temporarily fooled, but eventually this contest results in people becoming more aware of the spiritual reality around them, including its fiercest critics.

It is undeniable that fraud does exist in this world, but having found some in the realm of religion or parapsychology does not justify the assumption of fraud in every single example, particularly when many frauds are perpetrated by debunkers like Randi himself, such as when he "hoaxed" researchers at SRI back in the 1970's by having associates break into the lab when it was closed to alter materials in an effort to falsify research conducted there. It is in fact actions such as this that have such a powerful effect on other people's beliefs, because they show clearly that the debunking effort was not fair and above board, leaving plenty of room to doubt the message it was meant to convey.

This however, is all top-level material. In the dream I saw that the very existence of people was enough to give everyone a hint in the right direction. There are clues to God's existence that are so normal and all-pervasive that few bother to think about them, instead looking for exotic signs. What the dream showed was that everything, no matter what it was, somehow was a true reflection of God. Not only that, but even those who deny that God cannot help but be living proof of his reality, regardless of what they have to say.


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