Saturday, 10 May 2014

Update for 2014

About the time my book Dreamer was published, I started this blog. At the time the subject of psi and dreaming was very much on my mind and I wrote frequently on those topics on the Skeptiko forum. Since then, I have barely contributed anything on Skeptiko or on this blog. The reason is that I have been devoting my efforts to work on my PhD studies. I am hoping this work will be concluded shortly, after which I can resume regular posting here. While working on the PhD, I have learned some things about research writing and methodologies that should have the effect of improving the quality of future contributions to psi research. Towards this end I have so far written three articles for science journals on the subject of psi. The first two were published by the Journal for Scientific Exploration, and the third is currently under review. The first of these articles discusses a methodology for analyzing spontaneous examples of psi. The second presents some OBE examples from my records for inclusion into the OBE literature. This post is not meant to do much more than remind visitors that I haven't forgotten my interest in psi research, but that I have been unable to put much time into it lately due to my studies. I visited the Society for Psychical Research in London when I was there for a conference last week. Surrounded by the many volumes in their library, I was reminded of the importance of parapsychological research. It may be some months more before I post again on this blog, but I will come back, and then have every intention of contributing regularly. AP

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