Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dream song

A couple months ago, I dreamed of a young singer in a tour bus, who sung a song just before injecting himself with what I presume to have been an illegal drug. I assumed he was committing suicide.
I dream of music infrequently, but when I do, it is almost always hauntingly beautiful, as it was in this case. The style of the song was the kind of high-pitched rock I remember hearing in the 1970's. It is so far from being my favorite genre of music that I didn't know what Led Zeppelin sounded like until I ran across an article about them around September of 2012. The article made me curious, so I looked them up on youTube. Again, not my kind of music, but the style of it was consistent with the song from this dream.
Normally I have very good recall of dreams, but certain types of things are more difficult to remember than others. One of those things happens to be song lyrics, words on paper, numbers, or other symbols typical of normal written communication. In this case I was lucky, because I remembered the lyrics pretty well. They are reproduced below:
"What do you say when the green turns to ash?
In the light!
What do you say when your friend is gone for good?
In the light!
Fighting in the darkness
To find the meaning
Finding nothing, going nowhere
In the night!
Knowing heaven is up there somewhere
seeking, not finding
the place they have gone to
In the light!
There is music and friends
Forgiveness and support
for all the wrong things you've done
In the light!
For all that you've done and I have not
As beautiful as it is
I don't yet belong
Leave me be, God, where I belong
Fighting in the darkness
In the night."


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