Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dreamer is out

My new book, Dreamer: 20 years of psychic dreams, has just been released in Europe. It will be available in the US and other markets by early March, 2011. A podcast interview with me can be listened to on at the following link:


  1. bought your book and started reading it today ......... very interesting. I live in Dublin. Would like to meet you sometime and have a coffee. I have a book of dreams too. Thanks for going to the effort of doing this book. It is encouraging. Bye for now. Pat Murphy

  2. I just found this. Thinks for the nice words. I haven't been to Dublin before, but visit London regularly to work on my PhD. I always enjoy a good conversation about dreams!


  3. I may be in London this Winter ..... I will contact you again in September/October and let's see if we can have that conversation. Until then .... Pat