Sunday, 8 November 2009

Welcome to Mundus Virtua

"Mundus Virtua" literally means "virtual world/universe", a term that is becoming common these days. For this blog, and the site it is attached to, it is the second of five mundii, or universes.

1) Mundus Limus: this is the entire physical universe
2) Mundus Virtua: a hybrid of the mundus limus, via the physical act of typing and using computers, and the next, non-physical universe.
3) Mundus Alo: a completely non-physical environment that is associated with the mundus limus and supported by the spirit entities that congregate here.
4) Mundus Sublimis: the lofty, or elevated, universe. This is what most people would describe as "Heaven"
5) Mundus Divinus: the place from where all things were created.

I made the Mundus Virtua site and blog because I've been getting a number of questions now that I've finished my book, Dreamer: A 20-year Odyssey from Atheism to Spiritual Awakening, and need a place to put the answers. Not only that, I'd like to have a place to put the questions also. If it wasn't for some questions from Dr. Gillian Holloway (author of Our Dreaming Mind, and other dream books), I might not have written this book. Her questions, and questions from other people, friends, family, and even strangers, made Dreamer into a very different book than I originally intended to make, and a better one also. More importantly, they got me thinking about dreams and spiritual subjects in a very exciting way. Now that it's started, I hate to let go of that feeling of exploration and discovery just because the book is finished.

It will be a little while before it is available in bookstores, but in the meantime, you can have an idea what it is like by following this blog or by looking at some of the material on this site. I have posted some documents of my dreams to give an idea what they are like. One group are some dreams I had in 1989 and 1990 that later proved to relate to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and another document shows what my "image match" dreams are like. Later, I will add other dreams.

Until then, please enjoy the blog and site.


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